Blue Dart sponsors AIR RACE 2003

Mumbai : October 20, 2003:

Blue Dart's 20th anniversary happily coincides with worldwide celebrations of 100 years of aviation. In India, AIR RACE INDIA 2003 is being held to commemorate the first centenary of manned flight. Blue Dart, India's only domestic express cargo airline, is proud to sponsor the prizes for the medium and light categories of aircraft, as well as the Aeroclub of India's participation in the event. The Aeroclub's entry is a King Air C90B aircraft that will be piloted by Capt. Satish K. Sharma. The race will commence on the 20th November 2003 simultaneously from three different regions, East (Barrackpore), South (Bangalore) and West (Goa), and culminate at Nagpur on the 22nd November 2003.

On 17 December 1903, aviation history was made at Kitty Hawk, U.S.A., by the Wright brothers when they flew their "Wright Flyer" heavier than air machine for a duration of 12 seconds. It was the first practical demonstration of powered flight, and signalled the start of an amazing epoch of man's conquest of air and space. Prior to 1903, the Wright brothers had spend almost four years experimenting with manned gliders using different types of aerofoils. They had remarkable engineering talent and designed their own wind tunnel to gather experimental data on various aerofoil shapes. When the need for an engine arose, they built their own and used it to power the Wright Flyer. Truly, they were the pioneers of the aerospace age which for all of us is so commonplace. The year 2003 will mark the centenary of this historic flight and worldwide celebrations are being planned to commemorate the event.

AIR RACE INDIA 2003, organised by the Aeronautical Society of India, is part of India's celebration of the centenary of manned flight.

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Dated :October 20, 2003

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