Blue Dart Launches PowerDart 2000+

- Customers can plan and execute shipments efficiently -

Blue Dart Express Limited, India's leading express company today announced that the PowerDart Software, a computer based information interface system developed exclusively for Blue Dart customers, has been upgraded and is now Year 2000 aware. This new Powerful, futuristic and user friendly service enhancement tool has been named PowerDart 2000+.

The PowerDart 2000+ is a client empowering tool provided exclusively to Blue Dart customers. The main function of this software is to enable clients to track their shipments sent through Blue Dart. PowerDart 2000+ connects to COSMAT II the on-line tracking system of Blue Dart allowing clients to monitor status of the shipment - Domestic or International. It also provides Proof of delivery with details of the date and time the shipment was delivered and who signed for it. PowerDart 2000+ gives procedural requirements and documentation details needed to consign domestic and international shipments. It also informs clients about locations serviced by Blue Dart, transit times, acceptable commodities and standard rates.

Speaking on the occasion, Malcolm Monteiro, Sr. Vice President Sales & Systems, Blue Dart, said " Blue Dart is committed to streamlining shipping logistics for its customers, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of the shipping process. Customer service tools like the PowerDart 2000+ aid and enable Blue Dart clients to plan and execute their shipments effectively."

PowerDart 2000+ works on the concept of web-based technology. It is the latest automated way to plan distribution, manage inventory, expedite shipping and economise on time and money. The technology requires the customer to have an account with Blue Dart, a modem, a telephone line and a PC with a browser. The PowerDart 2000+ service is provided free of charge to all Blue Dart clients in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and will be shortly extended to other cities in India.

The PowerDart 2000+ software is also equipped with an On-line Rate Calculator, that helps clients to plan their account by indicating the cost to the client on packages sent by various modes of transport. It also comes with a download manager, to allow the client to download tracking data for analysis or offline browsing. The advantage of this software is that all computers attached to the clients network can view the tracking information. This software is developed in-house by the Blue Dart systems team.

Other service available on PowerDart 2000+ is The Bulletin Board Service that provides important information updates from Blue Dart's Daily news service.

Blue Dart Express Limited is India's largest express company with a 36% domestic market share. Blue Dart today offers a comprehensive range of services and products for both domestic and international shippers. Blue Dart's continuous commitment towards understanding the needs and concerns of the customer has enabled it to provide unmatched standards of service quality with 99.9% reliability levels in the express industry. Today, Blue Dart services over 1101 locations in India and is the 1st ISO 9001 certified company in the express industry. Blue Dart is one of the largest Global Service Participant of FedEx, the worlds largest express transportation company.

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Dated : August 17, 1999

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