Blue Dart Flies Into Earthquake-Battered Bhuj

Blue Dart Aviation was contacted by the Government of India through the offices of Mr A H Jung, Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, and Mr H S Khola, Director General of Civil Aviation, to support relief operations into Bhuj.

One aircraft flew from Chennai to Delhi at 0600hrs on Monday, 29th January, 2001, and manually loaded 15 tonnes of blankets, dry food and folding beds, departing for Bhuj at 1500hrs. Manual unloading operations were completed in the devastated town at 2200hrs. The second aircraft, delayed by fog at its Kolkata base, flew into Kanpur at 0950hrs. The aircraft was loaded with almost 15 tonnes of tent equipment and blankets and departed for Bhuj at 1500 hrs.

Blue Dart Aviation has contributed its aircraft, personnel, equipment, communications and other handling services, lending its mite to the aid of the survivors of last Friday's disastrous earthquake.

At the request of the Indian Air Force, one aircraft has been positioned at Delhi and is standing by to carry out any additional relief operations required by the Government of India during the day.

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Dated : July 18, 2000

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