Blue Dart Launches 'ShopTrackTM' & 'PackTrackTM'

Blue Dart Express Limited, India's leading express company has announced the launch of 'ShopTrackTM' & 'PackTrackTM', two powerful, futuristic and user-friendly service enhancement software that enables all portals and corporate bodies to serve their end-customers in a better way.

Mr. Clyde Cooper, Managing Director, Blue Dart Express Limited said, "We are committed to streamlining shipping logistics, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of distribution and inventory management. Customer service tools like ShopTrackTM and PackTrackTM will enable organisations to serve end-customers better".

ShopTrackTM is a client-empowering tool that fits into the Portal/e-tailer's website. All that the customer of this Portal or e-tailer needs to do while browsing through its site, is enter his order number accurately. Once entered, the status of the order will be fetched from Blue Dart's server and would be reflected on the same page the customer entered his order number. This retains customer-eyeballs on the e-tailer's webpage. No major programming effort is needed as this API (Application Programming Interface) will be supplied to clients almost as a "plug-and-play".

PackTrackTM works on the concept of web-based technology to plan distribution and manage inventory. Clients can integrate PackTrackTM with their systems to track their customers' shipments independently, saving time and money, and maintaining complete control over their shipping processes. PackTrackTM is constructed on two popular platforms viz. Java-based web-server and Windows NT/IIS-ASP web servers. As the software component is made as an API routine, it can also be easily integrated with any windows-based application, which will fetch data on request from Blue Dart's web server.

Both ShopTrackTM and PackTrackTM are extremely user-friendly and act as a one-stop service to the end-customer. Tracking his order/supplies is rendered easier without the customer having to leave the portal or web-page. On the part of the corporation, or in the case of a shopping site, the portal need not administer a huge database of transactions or make sizeable investments in call centres, and would yet be able to provide better service to his clients. The service will be made available to select Blue Dart customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai and will be shortly extended to other cities in India.

Blue Dart currently has a 38% share in the domestic market, and its continuous committment towards understanding the needs and concerns of the customer has enabled it to provide unmatched standards of service quality with over 99.95% reliability levels in the express industry. Over the years, Blue Dart has continuously pioneered and established itself as an industry leader. Blue Dart is one of the largest Global Service Participants of FedEx, the world's largest air express transportation company.

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Dated : January 10, 2001

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