Blue Dart to hike average shipment price by over 9% from January 1

News Clip: Economic Times

22nd September, 2020

Logistics services provider Blue Dart on Tuesday announced a 9.6 per cent hike in its average shipment price from January next year to offset higher costs.

The price increase, however, will not be applicable to customers signing up with the company between October 1 and December 31, 2020, Blue Dart Express Ltd said in a release.

The upward revision in prices is part of the annual exercise undertaken to adjust inflation, fluctuation in currency and fuel price, among others, it said.

As per the General Price Increase (GPI), effective January 1, 2021, the average shipment price increase will be 9.6 per cent as compared to 2020, depending on the shipping profile, Blue Dart said in the release.

The company said it adjusts its prices annually, taking into account inflation, currency dynamics, fuel cost fluctuations and other rising regulatory and mandatory costs, such as expenses related to compliance for workforce with enhanced security regulations across the large number of locations it services.

"The general price increase will account for the cost we have incurred and invested in our infrastructure and technology," Blue Dart Managing Director Balfour Manuel said.

"We intend on further enhancing our capabilities and especially in light of the pandemic, providing more sustainable solutions to our customers by utilising the power of technology and digitization for first, middle and last mile deliveries," he added.

The company has made strategic investments ahead of the curve, Ketan Kulkarni, the company's chief marketing officer and head of business development, said.
"These investments include expanding our reach, improving transit times, network optimisation, infrastructure and technology solutions and focusing on emerging markets, SMEs and key sectors," Kulkarni added.

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