Our warehouse is in the sky says Blue Dart Express

News Clip : The New India Express,

Chennai: 27th May, 2003.

Though it handles over 28 million domestic and about one million international shipments, Blue Dart Express Ltd, India's leading integrated air express carrier and premium logistics services provider, says it has its warehouse in the sky.

Indeed, at any given moment, its shipments are aboard its three Boeing 737 aircraft or about 3,000 vehicles rather than in its 14 warehouses and 5 bonded warehouses across the country. Blue Dart has 38 per cent market share in the organised, domestic courier and express industry.

"Blue Dart is focused on the air-express integrated transportation and distribution segment, Warehousing by itself is not our area of interest, as we believe our competency is in distributing material from the point of production to the point of consumption in the fastest possible time, and storing goods for long periods is in conflict with this philosophy. We always say we have a warehouse in the sky," said Tulsi N. Mirchandaney, senior vice president, marketing and projects, Blue Dart.

Blue Dart basically operates in the B2B business space. Its customers are primarily corporate clients whose need for data flow and reliability is as important as the physical delivery of Shipments. "For this reason , we have invested substantially in a complete infrastructure of aircraft, technology, customer service and professional people to support efficient supply-chain management. Our customers can track their shipments in real time over the web or on their shipments in real time over the web or on their mobile phones. We have our own aircraft that operate at night especially to carry our customer's packages, and our reliability levels are at 99.95 percent," she said.

Blue Dart offers a range of services for documents and packages Domestic Priority for urgent non-commercial documents and packages, Dart Apex (Air Package Express) small package service to support logistics, Dart Surfaceline, a more economical surface option, and airport-to-airport services which include full charter loads. For large volumes of shipments, Blue Dart's aircraft are available for operations into 18 domestic airports and four regional airports.

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