Blue Dart Express : mPower

News Clip: Pc Quest Magazine, All India

03rd June, 2009.

Blue Dart was stuck with a DOS-based Financial Accounting (FA) system for over 10 years. Further, there were many peripheral systems around the main FA system supporting the Finance work. As the system was decentralized, there was no instant visibility of data. Au contraire the company wanted a robust, secure, integrated, centralized and future ready Finance ERP. They went for MS Dynamics NAV for the financial management module. As expected, the implementation was not without a fair share of challenges. Since the operations were spread out to 63 accounting locations across the country, change management and training was a challenge. The other challenge was to handle integration with other operations. Since the data volume was also large, transactional performance became an important parameter for its success. The hardware to be used required a careful thought since the database was to address approx 1 million transactions a month. The load balancing for 250 concurrent users became another challenge. The design and implementation of validation controls for various processes was also equally challenging. The implementation introduced stringent process and security controls and seamless integration with existing operations ERP, payroll and other systems. The implementation of mPower resulted in cost and time savings and productivity increase. The system delivers information and intelligence real-time. It has made life easy for about 260 accountants. The integration of the system with the Operations ERP has allowed the company to close the month (in financial terms) by the 2nd of next month. The company plans to leverage implementation of this project to deliver business intelligence in future.

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