Blue Dart Express : On the Move

News Clip :Pc Quest Magazine, All India

03rd June, 2009.

Providing reliable and timely information is the key to success for a logistics company like Blue Dart. The customers usually demand delivery information for their expensive parcels and sensitive documents as soon as possible. But the information updates about the delivery of a courier was happening after a time delay of about 2 hours, and this delay got increased to 4 hours if the courier was undelivered. This process was decentralized, time consuming and manual, as the courier delivery boy would pass the information on his phone to his associated office at intervals of every 2 hours. This resulted in the retrieval of "proof of delivery" document for signature verification being delayed by a few days. To counter this delay and automate the process of "proof of delivery", Blue Dart envisaged the project - On The Move, to automate the frontline delivery personnels.

Blue Dart chose a rugged hand-held device which could withstand extreme environment conditions and demanded rough usage that would be used to track and capture the activities while a courier was on the move. The device and the application had to be simple because it was to be used by frontline couriers. With this project, the entire delivery process has been automated and latitude/longitude of the point of delivery are captured by the device enabling tracking. Thus providing the courier delivery status to the customers has now become possible on a real time basis.

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