Blue Dart plans expansion in east

News Clip :Financial Express, Kolkata

03rd December, 2007.

Blue Dart Express Ltd, south Asia's largest integrated courier and package distribution company is planning to expand its business in the eastern region, with the opening up of seven new warehousing and reaching out to over 2400 locations in the next two years.

"We will have an additional warehouses space of 1 lakh sq ft by 2010", said company vice-president Amod Dasgupta. Blue Dart has recently launched its independent ground service, Surfaceline, to offer the entire spectrum of express distribution solutions, he added.

Dasgupta, who was here to launch a warehouse, said the warehouse space in the city would be expanded to 30,000 - 35,000 sqft by 2015. Dasgupta said the company was planning to invest Rs 100 Crore in air infrastructure, aircraft, and ramping up of ground infrastructure, transit hub with hi-tech material handling equipment.

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