It takes a leader to deliver!

News Clip : Impact, All India

1- 7 October, 2007.

It's a clear leader in its space. And it's backed by an impressive infrastructure. Having donned the mantle of being a leader in logistics just doesn't mean delivering from Point A to B. And it is not just about carrying cartons, envelopes, packages and consignments. For Blue Dart. it is about delivering the thoughts, emotions aspirations that are behind the things that people send out. After all. there's so much riding on the things people send through Blue Dart.

Blue Dart's new television commercial successfully depicts this trust that the customers have on the goods deliverer. The start of the film shows a carton that's picked up from a customer that gets transformed into the words 'Trust'. The Blue Dart man carries the customer's trust to its destination. Through the film different words: Dreams, Success, Profits, Life, Aid are carried by Blue Dart's aircraft, container trucks, vans, bikes, across the country.

The film highlights Blue Dart's leadership and infrastructure while still wrapping around the customer's heart and the thoughts that go into each consignment.

Another commercial shows a Blue Darter picking up a box from an office. The box turns to a word 'Trust' and a voice over mentions - 'There's a lot riding on what you send by Blue Dart." The package is then seen traveling through various modes - motorbike, van, truck, trailer, and aircraft to indicate Blue Dart's huge infrastructure. In each frame, various words can be seen in the shape of parcels being handled. The packages (words) move through city roads, countryside, highways and through different weather conditions finally moving into a Blue Dart B757, post x-ray. The film ends with the message - It takes a leader to deliver.

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